About Us

Our Story

In Europe, we were established to create the highest level of makeover and hair transformations possible. We had the highest caliber of models, and the most gifted crew. We are pleased to inform you we have now expanded into North America, with the same values and goals. We will be working hand and hand with our European founding branch to provide a nonstop experience of the makeover content you want to see, week after week.

Our Crew

Much like our partners in Europe, we went after the most talented people in their respected field. We want to make sure the content is worthy of attention, and worth your loyalty to our brand. Our models, stylists, and crew were carefully hand-picked to bring you a cinematic experience for all your hair style and makeover needs.

Our Promise

We promise to produce and post the highest quality videos possible.

We promise to look for and hire the highest quality models possible.

We promise to provide engaging and responsive customer support.

We promise to help build a stronger, and better hair/fashion community.

We promise to have weekly updates; regardless of circumstances, unlike competitors.