Temporary Title!!! Our friends over at https://RazorShave.com have loaned us this video to show you what they had to offer! Vick is a beautiful young adventure girl. She boxes, she rides horses, if it has adrenaline in it, she has probably done it. None that prepared her for the emotional roller coaster that is losing your hair and your eye brows in front of a bunch of video cameras. Were some tears shed? Yes. Was it worth it to her, depends at which part you asked her, sometimes she would say yes to this question, and sometimes she would say no. Her plucky sarcastic sense of humor made this not only a super hot video, but also one you will be able to laugh with her, is sure to be a top favorite. What does she plan on using her money for? She is wanting to go to college this semester and this will more then cover her tuition books, and a vacation.

Shots during the video session